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Pallet Management Services 

Other Products and Services 

  1. Heat treatment for pallets
  2. Drop trailers for pallet buy back programs
  3. Recycled lumber for sale
  1. Ground Material / Mulch
  2. Removal of bundled cardboard
  3. Dimensional lumber


Recycled Pallets

L & L Pallet buys standard 48x40 4-way used pallets for recycling. ​

We recondition the pallets and sort them according to grade for resale. Used non-standard and un-repairable pallets are run through dismantling machines where all salvageable wood is removed, inspected and re-cut for reuse.  We recondition used pallets into a quality recycled product.  The recovery and re-use of these materials provides a valuable environmental service by saving valuable natural resources. 

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